Welcome to Thomas Hardye School’s Literacy Blog.

On this site you will find a weekly post giving a short piece of information about our Weekly Literacy Focus.  Term 1, we will concentrate on Spelling.  Term 2, Punctuation and Term 3, Grammar.

We hope students, parents and staff will access this blog and learn some interesting facts about SPaG.





Thomas Hardye’s Literacy Statement

Literacy forms the bedrock of students’ academic achievement and is essential to lifelong learning.

Reading, writing and oracy play a core part in the curriculum and Thomas Hardye School strive to embed these skills in every aspect of education. We want students to love reading, enjoy writing and be confident communicators.

Our Guiding Principles for Literacy

  1. Literacy teaching is embedded across the curriculum. All teachers, from year 9 to Sixth Form are teachers of literacy.
  2. Students should be taught skills in all subjects such as reading like historians and writing like scientists.
  3. “Literacy is freedom” (UNESCO 2014).