Who?     YOU!


What?   You must always paragraph extended written work.

A paragraph is a distinct section of writing, containing separate information and indicated by a new line.

Where?  An essay in English Literature, Drama or Geography;

An extended answer in Business Studies, History or Music;

When explaining a process in Science, Computing or Art;

Your own writing in T & E, English Language or MFL.

                                     … Basically, in all your subjects!


When?  Remember TiP ToP.

Start a new paragraph for a new Time, Place, Topic or Person


 Why?   They structure your writing to:

  • Help you organise your ideas;
  • Show the reader a clear process;
  • Separate out different bits of information or events.


How?  PEE        PEEL        PEA      PEAR     PEARL      PEACE

You must start with a POINT – an idea about the topic;

Then provide EVIDENCE or an EXAMPLE;

Then explain, expand, analyse, respond, link, comment:

whatever the question/task requires!

…then start your next point on a new line and create

a new paragraph!


Thanks to Miss Sainsbury for delivering this week’s Literacy Focus.








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