Many thanks to Mrs Glennie for this week’s Literacy Focus on the possessive apostrophe.


Rule One:

Use an apostrophe and ‘-s’ to show ownership.

The dog’s dinner.                            The child’s ball.

If the word is singular and ends in ‘s’, you still add an apostrophe and ‘-s’


Rule Two:

Add an apostrophe to most plural nouns.

If the apostrophe is plural and doesn’t end in ‘s’, follow the normal rule and add an apostrophe and ‘s’.

The children’s ball.


If the plural noun already ends with ‘s’, just add an apostrophe to the end.

The wolves’ pack.


The position of the apostrophe is important because it can change the meaning of the sentence:


The girl’s books.                                       The girls’ books.

(one girl)                                                    (more than one girl)





  1. The babys name was very unusual.
  2. The childrens competition was won by a five year old.
  3. The babies cries could not be ignored.
  4. The employees Christmas party was a great success.
  5. Last months profits were disappointing.
  6. Martins homework was excellent.
  7. The books pages were dog eared.
  8. Her sisters new car was very expensive.
  9. Two weeks holiday was over in a flash.
  10. The students attitude to their work was excellent.



Featured image from TES.


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